The Corpus of New York City English project is currently supported by a National Science Foundation Collaborative Research Award (project period August 2016 – January 2022), as follows:

  • NSF Award #BCS-1630274 (Tortora, PI, College of Staten Island [Lead Institution])
  • NSF Award #BCS-1630377 (Cutler, PI, Lehman College)
  • NSF Award #BCS-1630286 (Newman & Haddican, Queens College)
  • NSF Award #BCS-1629348 (Santorini, U. of Pennsylvania)

Additional funding:

  • NSF Award #BCS-1152148 (PI: Tortora)
  • College of Staten Island GRTI funds, to support purchase of equipment
  • Previously funded by a CIRG 21 (Collaborative Incentive Research Grant), awarded by The City University of New York (project period September 30, 2014 – August 31, 2016)